a food stylist's blog

Cooking courses and food tours in SW France

My work as a stylist includes many different roles from interpreting a brief from a client, taking inspiration from the world around me, choosing themes, colours and props to composing an image. It is a job I relish, it allows me to use my imagination to create a world that will take the viewer to the heart of dish. Sometimes the image is a scene setter other times, a close up on a dish that needs to convey one simple message – eat me now.

There is much written about food styling and how food is manipulated by stylists to make it easier to photograph, but this simply isn’t true, not nowadays anyway. For me the whole point of what I do is to portray as honest an image as possible; the food you see in a photo should not differ to the one you see on the plate. This is where the skill lies and as far as I am concerned the more real the food, the better, yet this isn’t as simple as just plonking food on a plate and shooting it. That would deny the skill of the people involved in creating it. The cook, the stylist and the photographer work together as a team, each person experienced in their own field to combine and capture the essence of each recipe.

The stories I will posts under ‘styling’ are to share the details in what a stylists job entails………..


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